Seongjin Park

Ph. D. Student in Department of Linguistics,
University of Arizona.

I am Ph. D. student in Linguistics / M.S student in Human Language Technology in Department of Linguistics, the University Arizona. I am interested in phonetics, speech processing, and computational linguistics.  Now, I am working as a research assistant in Douglass Phonetics Lab.

I have been interested in second language production and perception, especially the production and perception of English by Korean learners of English. Now, I am interested in investigating phonetic features of spontaneous speech, and implementing those features into the automatic speech recognition system. In addition, I am also interested in building text classifiers and examining the way to improve their performances by investigating the role of individual word on text classification.


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seongjinpark at email dot arizona dot edu


Daily life, and Linguistics


curriculum-vitae as of Jan. 15, 2019


Analyze Parameters

Analyze_parameters This script helps you to extract acoustic values of the speech file easily. You need to have sound files and their label files.  The format of the output file is CSV, which is comma-separated Read more…

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Seongjin Park
seongjinpark at email dot arizona dot edu